Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Pink Top: Marc Jacobs
Blue Top: Forever 21
Pants: Hollister
Coat: Delia's 
Boots: Famous Footwear
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Faux Fur Scarf: Thrifted

Yes, that does say Marc Jacobs! You don't even know how excited I was to find this shirt at Buffalo Exchange! So excited that when someone asked me if he could start a changing room for me, I hesitated because I didn't want to let go of Marc! All this excitement because I found something 1) by one of my favorite designers 2) for $18!!! 3) machine washable.I was so happy!  It sounds weird, but I really value machine washable clothes! So much is hand wash now and that's such a pain! 

So blog, meet Marc!

This outfit also marks the beginning of my 30 for 30! These pictures were actually taken a while ago, but they fit into my 30 for 30 pics! I can't wait to show you all my other ideas for the 30 for 30! As soon as I had picked my pieces, my mind just started cranking out these ideas!

Oh and did you notice something else new? The oh so fabulous and generous Monkeyface was kind enough to let us borrow her idea! Thank you so much!



  1. Now we get to see that pretty hair! So exciting! :) It's going to be hard not to say "Meow" in every single comment now :D

  2. That is a fantastic fur collar! Love it!


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