Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In the Beginning...

beginning 7

beginning 4

beginning 6

beginning 3

beginning 5

beginning 2

beginning 1

Blazer: Dillard's
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Shirt: Delia's
Bracelet: Delia's
Banjo: back of my closet

So. this is my first 30 for 30 post. i was actually surprised by how well it turned out. i mean, i know that this is only the first outfit and that it'll get a lot harder as i go on, but i'm feeling pretty good about it right now!
okay, so here we go again. you are sitting in front of your computer, or staring at your iPhone asking yourself, "why on earth is this person holding a banjo?"
well... i'll give you that answer once i find it. i have no idea why i'm holding a banjo either. but, come on, i mean what's wrong with banjos? banjos are good! sure they might have been tainted a bit by country and bluegrass, but don't hate them for that!!
well, at least here's a GOOD banjo song for you.

(not trying to insult anyone who likes country. or bluegrass.)  oh yeah and i'm going to have my cat face up soon so then ya'll will be able to see my lovely hair that i need to wash. just another thing to look forward to. :)


  1. oh my gosh, i always wanted to play banjo! how cool! :D

  2. Oh, I love the shirt! It's so beautiful :-)
    Audrey is the best!

  3. Love this song! Love your outfit. The shirt is so fun.

    Also, in response to your comment on my blog, I LOVE my shoes. I bought them 2 days before remix started! Nordstrom. They are reasonably comfortable to wear, too.

  4. your shoes are amazing!!! great outfit


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