Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tea and Biscuits

Today, boys and girls, we're starting something new! Welcome to our first blogger interview/feature! When Blythe and I were thinking about who to interview, we immediately thought of Hannie from Tea and Biscuits. She writes one of our favorite blogs to read! It's totally lovely and filled with outfits, style inspiration, and wise thoughts about life! Hannie is also doing the 30 for 30, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with. 

1) You started your blog back in September of 2010. What motivated you to start a blog? What was your blog like in the very beginning?

I'm actually no stranger to blogging. I've been reading blogs for about three years now and had my own tumblr blog until early 2010. As most tumblr blogs are, that blog was primarily focused on image content and inspiration, rather than finding my own voice. In September, I decided that I wanted to launch a blog primarily to get it up and running so that when I left for university a year later, my family and friends would have a way to keep in touch with what I was up to. For that reason, my early posts are sort of nonsensical ramblings about my life - not very interesting I'm afraid!

2) What were your goals for your blog when you started it? Are they the same now?

Like I said, when I first launched my blog the blog's purpose was purely to keep family and friends in touch. Since then it's developed into something so much more. I found several blogs written by women that really inspired me to make more of myself. So in that way my blog has become a tool to document this really crazy, and often chaotic, journey from being a girl to becoming a woman. The blog covers every aspect of that including balancing my school work with outer interests, preparing myself for moving away from home in September 2011, developing my personal style, and documenting my relationship with my boyfriend.

3) You recently started posting outfits and they look great! What motivated you to become more of a "fashion blog"?

Awh thank you! Becoming more of a 'fashion blog' was quite a natural process for me. When I posted pictures of myself, people sometimes commented on what I was wearing so I began to consider the idea of a 'fashion blog' early on. However, I was concerned that I didn't want to lose the essence of who I was in my blog - I still wanted to write about my day-to-day life, rather than the trends of the moment. The New Year really opened up the opportunity to become more fashion focused as I made developing my personal style one of my New Year Resolutions, and I thought that the blog would be a great place to do that. I've found that, even though I may like an outfit in theory, once it's on the blog and I can see it through another's eyes, the outfit doesn't sit quite right, or doesn't give the right vibe that I was going for. It's still all a learning process really.

4) How would you describe your style?

Oh golly, I have no clue haha! One word I would use to describe my style is classical. My mum brought me up to buy classic items such as white shirts, a good pair of jeans, chinos, etc. I now live by these classic items, and I strongly believe in buying a staple wardrobe, rather than loads of mix-match things that you only wear for one season.
5) Who/what is your style inspiration? 

In terms of celebrities I'm a huge fan of Diane Kruger, Nicole Richie in recent years, Olivia Palermo, Rachel Bilson, Clémence Poésy and recently, Elle Fanning. 

6) Which bloggers do you look up to or are your favorites to read?

Well I love yours of course, and for style, my daily reads include The Daybook, Kendi Everyday, M loves M, The Neo-Traditionalist, and Kristine. Or Polly. For everything else, my daily reads include Busy Bee Lauren, A Cup of Jo, Rockstar Diaries, The Swede Records and Champagne Bubbles. They're all fabulous!

7) You're great at posting regularly. How much time do you spend blogging? 

Oh thank you! On a usual day I aim to do at least one post. This normally includes one post about my general life, normally including pictures of what I wore that day. Then, later on in the day, I like to write a post on something that inspires me. The latter normally takes between 15-30 minutes, depending on how long I fiddle with the images. The post about my life normally takes near 30-45 minutes. This takes a little longer because I have to take the images, load them up onto my laptop, tweak with the images a little, and then write the post. But I really do adore blogging and writing, so for me it's not a chore, but truly a passion.

8) What kinds of classes will you be taking at the university?

Well, see, England is a little awkward about this! Unlike the USA where you take a whole bunch of classes until you narrow it down in the later years (at least that's what I've always thought happened in America!), in England you choose to study one subject from the start. So I'll be studying Political Science from September 2011 - and, no, I don't want to be a politician!
9) What job do you want after you graduate? 

I'm fully aware that this makes no sense in comparison to the degree I'll be doing, but I hope to go into marketing once I've finished university. My dream job would be to work in a company with the same sort of image as Kate Spade and work on the branding and advertisement of that image.

10) What are two random facts about you?

1. I'm actually pretty good at the trumpet. My mum says that's because I would only play an instrument that made lots of noise - go figure!
2. I used to want to be a dolphin trainer. I had it all planned out - I'd get a degree in marine biology and then go work at SeaWorld. This sounded fab until I flunked biology!

Thanks, Hannie, for being our first interviewee! 

-Blythe and Charlotte 


  1. Great feature! I love her blog :)

    The Flower Girl


  2. i have so much love for this girl!!

  3. She is adorable! And so is your blog <33

  4. love the skirt right above question 4. You're photos are so fun and candid!

  5. *Criiiinge* I always think I sound so silly in things like this haha! But thanks for the interview.
    It was a fun first for me!

    Much love,

  6. great interview/feature! i love hannie's blog!


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