Sunday, February 27, 2011


Dress: Forever 21
Shirt: C&C California
Belt: Vintage
Bracelet: Local Store
Headband: Silk Scarf from TJ Maxx


Oh, gosh. It's been almost a week since we posted! But I promise, pictures have been taken and the posts will be coming soon! This week has been so crazy, so I've hardly had a spare moment to edit pictures!

In terms of the 30/30, I've reached outfit 17 (to be posted later), and I have to say, it's getting harder! What Blythe and I have found is that we each gravitate to wearing certain pieces over and over, so we're challenging ourself to use everything in our two 30 picks. This shirt is one of the ones I've been neglecting, so I'm trying to incorporate it more into my outfits. However, since it's a solid, I'm having trouble making an outfit feel...interesting enough, I guess. I think simple outfits always look great on other people, but I'm sometimes not exactly satisfied when I'm wearing them. I picked a lot of solids but I tend to want to wear the patterned ones.  This is because I feel those outfits with patterns are more interesting, but that's not always true. I do like simple outfits I wear. I put together a pretty simple outfit (to be posted later) that I really like, so I might keep trying simple outfits when I get stuck, just like one of my friends suggested when I told her about the 30/30, because I often really do like what I come up with!

I hope you all had a good weekend


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