Saturday, March 12, 2011

Short and Sweet



Dress: Dillard's
Tights: ?
Shoes: Steve Madden

so this is another new piece that took awhile to debut on the blog. i LOVE this dress! you can't see it, but the neckline has brass studs sewn onto it and the print is really cool. sorry i don't have many pictures, i had a hard time finding good lighting and my poses were getting a bit repetitious. so, this outfit is actually a bit more bohemian than i usually like, but it turned out surprisingly well!
i love spring break. so, so, so much. its that kind of long break from school that lets you sleep in, do stuff with friends and blog a lot. but it also has the perfect weather. not too hot, not too cold, but right in the low 70s- low 80s with still a bit of wind chill that enables you to wear a sweater if you want to. oh, how i love spring break. :)

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