Saturday, May 28, 2011

At Last...


Top: Forever 21/ Skirt: Anthropologie/ Shoes: Toms/ Belt: Vintage 

Inspired by this post over at Selective Potential, I decided to do a little photoshoot over at an old fashioned house in my area. Aren't these types of houses just amazing? Everything is so intricate and detailed! 

Oh, and I have to say: did you see that skirt? Yeah the one in the picture above? It's Anthropologie, and not just anything from Anthropologie, but my very first thing from Anthropologie. Of course it was on sale for a reasonable price, but it's also machine washable and tumble dry low. Magic words to my ears. I am far too lazy to hand wash a lot of my clothes, so at this point I don't even buy anything hand wash--I just don't have the time! And I never buy anything to be dry cleaned only. I don't have a fancy job or anything that requires me to dress up, so for the moment, dry clean just means a lot of money. If something was cheap to start with but I have to dry clean it, I'm not going to buy it. It defeats the purpose of buying that item cheaply. It'll keep needing money spent on it, which is not great in my book. 

So, a long story short {i.e: you basically could have just skipped that last paragraph}, I found this skirt on the sale rack of Anthro, checked the price {discreetly, mind you}, checked the care tag, tried it on, did a little happy dance, bought it, and did another little happy dance. It was a glorious moment.  


Oh, and another thing: normally, I wouldn't have worn this outfit with Toms. It's okay, but I think another pair of shoes would have fit better. However, I kind of had to, because the activities for that day required a bit of walking, so I needed something I could wear for a while. Just thought you should know :)




  1. thank you for the sweet comment, so glad the video helped :)

    p.s i love the pattern on this skirt :D


  2. I love love love this skirt! And thats awesome that you got a good deal on it! I do the whole price checking thing too! haha


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