Saturday, May 14, 2011

Times Two: White on White






Charlotte: Shirt: Old Navy/ Skirt: Gap/ Belt: Vintage/ Shoes: Toms/ Necklace: Local Festival
Blythe: Shirt: JCP/ Skirt: Old Navy/ Belt: Vintage/ Shoes: Target/ Necklace: Vintage/ Bag: Thrifted 

Here is our very late Times Two! As many of you know, Blogger was in a read-only mode for a while, which is why this hasn't been posted until now. See! We were all set to post it on Thursday and then Blogger wouldn't let us. So we're not as unorganized as you might think ;)

Anyway, we chose to do white on white for our challenge this time because it was a color combination that Blythe was having difficulty with. She's not totally crazy about how her outfit turned out, but I, Charlotte, totally love mine! We found that it's easier to do white on white outfits if you don't think about the pieces as separates  So, for example, because we both wore skirts and shirts, they were easier to style if we thought of them as dresses. Now, I'm not really sure how that'd work with pants...jumpsuits have always seemed slightly awkward to me. But maybe the same idea will work because you'll still just think of your outfit as a white canvas. It's worth a try. 

Also, since neither of us gravitates towards minimalism outfits (ooh that'd be a good challenge for later!), and the whole idea of Times Two is to make these trends work for our styles, we decided to go with white on white with color accents. I, Charlotte, was very inspired by this recent outfit of mine, so I decided to use a similar color scheme. As for Blythe, she picked her accessories to add more color to her outfit. 

But here's the verdict: 
Charlotte: definite repeat

What do you guys think of the white on white trend? Would you try it?

-Blythe and Charlotte







  1. I love your white blouse/white skirt combos! I am all on board with this trend but have to admit I'm nervous about white pants..I don't want anything too bright and clingy hugging my bottom :)

  2. i'm absolutely loving these ensembles--the color you've added is a perfect pop. like, it's there and exciting but doesn't take away from the whiteness. i'm totally inspired. you look lovely!
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like!)


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-Blythe and Charlotte


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