Friday, July 8, 2011



Top: T.J.Maxx/ Skirt: Gap/ Scarf: T.J.Maxx/ Shoes: Payless

I can never decide if this shirt seems safari-ish or has a military feel. But definitely not girly, so that's why I decided to pair it with this super girly skirt. Though I've worn super girly outfits before, for this outfit, I wanted more of...something else. Like military or casual. So this shirt seemed like a perfect choice. I also did something a little different this time and didn't tuck in my top. I love that tucking in a shirt can create definition without a belt, but I don't want to do that all the time. Also, I like ruffles. And this shirt has ruffles which you can't see if it's tucked in. Pretty easy choice.  





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  1. YESSS! This is such a cool mix of the tough jacket with the dainty skirt. You really thought outside the box with this one instead of keeping it straight up military.
    It makes me really want a skirt like this and I don't even like ruffles! lol


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