Saturday, July 9, 2011


Tank: Gap/ Vest: Random German Store/ Shorts: Delia's/ Shoes: Toms 

I have to admit, as much as I love this outfit for it's simplicity and casual-factor, it stumped me. I really had no idea what shoes to wear. My silver flats seemed too sparkly, and the Toms seemed too matchy matchy. My wedges somehow didn't feel right and neither did my pinkish flats, or boots. I know I've gone for matchy before, but I wasn't quite feeling it for this outfit. Since I don't have that many other shoes, I decided to go with casual and picked the Toms. Turns out that it wasn't as matchy as I thought it was--the tank is more pink from farther away. I like how it turned out, but I'm not completely satisfied. If I could pair any shoes in the world with this outfit, I have no idea what I'd pick. Converse? Toms with another color or pattern? I still think casual shoes are the way to go, but can't think of any other cute options. 

Thoughts, anyone? 

Actually, I just had a thought. Yellow Toms would be cute. Or natural colored ones, or purple ones. All of the above. I like those options a lot. But they're still Toms. I seem to kinda have this little obsession with Toms, and while I can explain it by saying I don't have many other options, even if I wore them out of pure choice, I wouldn't know what else to wear instead.I can't believe that there aren't that many other cute casual shoes, but it sorta seems that way to me. The only other thing I can come up with is flip flops, but those are kind of a huge pet peeve of mine. I suppose that flats are pretty casual, but they always seem wrong with jean shorts to me. Somehow I just don't think they go together. This search might just turn into an obsession. 

So, humor me: what kind of causal shoes do you wear? 



Sorry for the lack of headroom in these pictures. Right after I took these the battery ran out. Sad face. 



  1. I have a Toms obsession, too! Just bought a 5th pair + a pair of their wedges!

    If you don't want to be too matchy, you could go for a color in your floral top that is a little less prominent than the red? I can't see it up close so I'm not sure, but give that a try! :)

    Also, definitely look into Toms wedges! They are REALLY comfy and supportive and CUTE!

  2. Seem likes most people I know are obsessed with Tom's! I don't have a pair. I have a tough time ordering shoes online because I've got big feet! So I rely on what I can buy and try on in person. haha

    I actually think a good Summer shoe option would be sandals. Whether they be gladiators or just something strappy and in a neutral color would work. Black, white, brown, tan, they will definitely go with everything in your closet with having a color to compete with what you're wearing.
    Half my shoe collection doesn't go with my closet, so I often wear odd colored ones to complete my outfit. You're not alone! What you did here with the red looks pretty awesome! I would say you made it work. :)


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