Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Favorite


Top: T.J.Maxx/ Dress: Second hand/ Belt: Vintage via Calico/ Shoes: DSW/ Ring: Pier 1 Imports (?)

This outfit is probably one of my favorites of this summer so far. It's a little bohemian, flowy, light, comfortable, and I've never worn this dress this way before, so it's a nice change. I'm only just noticing this now as I'm writing this post, but the cut-outs in the top mirror the dots in the dress pattern. It seems like instead of mixing patterns this time, I've mixed a pattern and a texture. Or you could just call it a pattern and a pattern. It's probably one of those "glass half full things," or maybe I just woke up too early this morning and am nonsensically rambling. Either way, the change from the norm is nice. 







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