Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Loves: Bike Riding



It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you the first installment of our latest feature: Summer Loves. Throughout the rest of the summer, we'll show you outfits that we've put together inspired by our favorite things to do in the summer. The inspiration can come from colors, textures, shapes...anything. 

One of my all time favorites is riding my bike, so I thought it'd be a great activity to start off this feature. 






Top: UO/ Dress: Forever 21/ Scarf: Target/ Shoes: Francesca's 

As you can see from the inspiration pictures above, when I go bike riding, I mostly see various shades of green and gray. My town has a park and I usually ride my bike there, so I see a lot of green grass and gray cement, as well as the gray and black speckles that make up roads, so I decided that I wanted my outfit to have a color combination focusing on gray and green. I also see blue skies most of the time, so I hoped to include some blue in my outfit. As you can see from the photos above, my bike is black and white, as well as my helmet, which I wear even though it's not in the pictures. Originally, I hoped to have more of a black, white, and gray focused outfit with green and blue accents, but considering the temperatures outside, my white and black long-sleeved clothes weren't looking very promising, so I reconsidered my color scheme. Since I still wanted some white to brighten up my outfit and stay true to my inspiration, I used my blue and white scarf as a belt. 

Another thing that I kept in mind while putting this outfit together was that riding my bike is a relaxing, casual activity, and so I wanted to focus on casual, flowy clothes. That's why I decided to go with a dress. 



As soon as I decided to use bike riding as my inspiration, I knew I had to include these flats. The speckles remind me of the paved roads I sometimes ride on, as you can see in the inspiration pictures. Also, since I often ride my bike on paved pathways, I thought this shirt with the squares on it was a perfect parallel to the squares of concrete the paths are made of. 


I hope you enjoyed this new feature, and I'm so excited to share more with you guys!


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