Friday, August 12, 2011


Top: Old Navy/ Pants: Local Boutique/ Shoes: Francesca's/ Bag: UO/ Bracelet: Gift/ Scarf: Gap

I never used to understand the importance of lighting. I always used to think it was just something that photographers talked about constantly, but to me, didn't make that much of a difference. I'm talking about subtle differences though--of course I could tell the importance between night and day and what not, but I didn't get the difference between noon and three p.m. I can safely say I do now! These pictures were taken in the very last minutes of sunlight since I got home way later than I expected, and so the lighting wasn't nearly as good as the ones in the last post. Sad face. I was rather proud of those. But there's always tomorrow, I suppose! 

This outfit was kind of a stretch for me--pink with red pants?! Honestly, when I bought these pants, I was a little wary of how I'd put outfits together that still felt like me, since I've never really gone for such bold color in the past. I was intrigued by this idea I'd had, though, of pink and red together, and felt like trying it out today. To make sure it wasn't too overwhelming, I included the blue scarf and silver shoes (even though it's ridiculously tempting to only wear my red Toms with these pants). And I'm surprised by how much I like it and by how well the purple bag fit. I think somewhere someone told me some time that purple and red shouldn't go together. I have no idea why those two aren't supposed to go together, but I strongly disagree. 



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  1. I quite like this color combination! The blue scarf really breaks up the feeling of "Valentines Day" and makes it an outfit for everyday.

    I remember when I was first getting into photography and I was reading about lighting and I had the same thoughts "why does it matter?" and then I when I actually got out shooting, it made a huge difference. I actually learned to tell the time just by the looking at the sun. I think that's a trick that both photographers and boy scouts alike know. lol


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