Thursday, August 11, 2011

Maybe I'm Crazy

Top: Forever 21/ Vest: German store/ Skirt: Gap/ Shoes: Toms/ Bag: UO/ Belt: Vintage via Calico/ Bracelet: Gift 

...not to be confused with the amazing Paul McCartney song (seriously. Listen now). But anyway, maybe I'm crazy for wearing black in the summer. And a vest. But hey, a girl has to layer! I might also be a little crazy for wearing a bumblebee outfit. Personally, I've always liked the color combination of yellow and black and was a little ticked that the bees took it first. Now I look like a copy cat. But it seems like the color combination is a bit more original if you throw other colors into the mix with accessories, like brown, red, purple, gray, etc. Or at least that's my theory. And basically my fashion motto: if it looks off, throw on a layer or accessory. But know your boundaries (including temperature boundaries. Layers can get hot). 

Sorry the blog has been a bit quiet this week. I finally finished my summer class yesterday (A on my final. Oh yeah.), but was studying the entire time up 'till then. And now I've been forced to face the crazy truth: I still have to prepare for school starting in a week, including a bit of language review, organization, finishing homework and whatnot. Maybe I shouldn't have taken that extra language, but it'll pay off when resume time comes around! Or when I want to talk to someone in Spanish or watch Spanish movies, or read Spanish blogs, or actually understand Spanish songs, or...I'm not going to get carried away. 



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