Monday, August 8, 2011


Top: Abercrombie/ Dress: Forever 21/ Skirt: Gap/ Shoes: Francesca's 

So if wearing two skirts in my last outfit post wasn't weird enough, I decided to do it again! This time, though, it was because this dress has become a bit short on me (I don't think I'm supposed to put it in the dryer. Ooops), so I usually wear it with another skirt. Anyway, I was originally going to wear this outfit with a belt, but then after a few minutes of taking pictures, I realized it was just way too hot and the belt was too restrictive. I actually like it even better without the belt. It seems a bit more relaxed, at since I'm trying to make the most of my vacation, more relaxed is always better. 

Sorry if these pictures are a bit blurry. I was running out of time, since I had to take these pictures while the sun was going down--prime mosquito time. Even though I was wearing my mask, something happened to me that's never happened to me before--I was bitten on my face! I'm sure this happens to people all the time, but I was a little weirded out, I have to admit. But in any event, the price of today's post was relatively low: only one bite. Even though I'll seriously miss summer when it's over (and I return to a full-time class schedule. Sigh), mosquitoes are one thing I'll be glad to see go. 


We haven't had an outtake in a while, so enjoy this one!  

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