Sunday, August 14, 2011

Under the Influence

Top: TJ Maxx/ Shorts: Pacsun/ Bracelet: Gift/ Shoes: Francesca's/ Bag: Old Navy 

Just out of it bad if I base an outfit on school related things? I mean, we all already knew I'm a nerd and all, but this might just be going a bit far. At least I didn't dress in my school colors again. I started with a slightly preppy button down (I don't even go to a preppy school) and the bag I'm going to use this coming semester for school stuff...and then chose all my accessories based off of those things (brown bracelet for the brown leather, silver shoes for the gray bag material). School starts in less than a week for me, and so I can't help but constantly think of the things I want to finish before it starts and everything. So I suppose I subconsciously channeled a school vibe to motivate myself to finish all my summer projects before classes start again--like reorganizing my desk and whatnot so that it's easier to study. And some sewing projects! Eeep! I really hope I get to those! I mean, I'm not obsessed with the thought of my summer ending quickly or anything...I just want to remind myself to make the most of the time I have left! Yeah. 

Anyway, what will make the start of school a bit better is that I've always looked for a nice big bag to carry all my school stuff (after years and years of class, I'm a bit tired of backpacks--but we'll see. I've heard rumors this year that the classes I'll be taking will practically require a backpack because of all the stuff I'll need. Sad face) that's also cute, so I was excited when I found this bag on sale at Old Navy! I even pinned it! Yes, that's how you can tell I'm obsessing over something..if I pin it. I originally wanted it in blue, but they only had gray, so I settled. But I actually really like it in this color. And besides. Something pretty makes having to do school work a bit better.

Okay so another question. Is it sad that I'm operating under the influence of school when school hasn't even started yet?

Just say no.



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  1. Those jean shorts, the ruffles on the back of that skirt.... perfection :)


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