Thursday, August 4, 2011

Outcasts and Too Much Purple

Top: Aeropostale/ Strapless Top: Gap/ Skirt: Gap/ Shoes: Toms

Can there really be too much purple? Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard with the purple today. But I just kinda thought, why not? This gray top was something that had stumped me for awhile. Its straps are just so close together that it looks a bit odd with a cardigan and I don't really know how to wear it any other way, so I haven't worn it in a while. Anyway, I was just kinda playing around with it, and I put it on over a v-neck and actually really liked the effect that it had on the neckline. These two tops together looked incredibly juvenile to me with shorts or so, so I decided to go with a skirt. It feels a lot more like a dress, and I really love it! I used to have a lot of these v-necks from Aeropostale, back in my desperately-trying-to-fit-in middle school days (gag), but this is the only survivor. Sad face. Just kidding. About being sad. I'm glad those things are out of my life. But I really like the purple color, and I wasn't really ready to get rid of it when I cleaned out my closet a while back, so I held on to it just in case. I'm glad I did now, but I still don't really know what else to do with it. The neckline is a bit too low to wear without a cami, but too high that a cami really shows without being awkwad. Ugh. So I guess it's a bit fitting that I paired these two outcast pieces together.

Anyway, back to the purple thing. I was loving the combination of purple and gray in the top and just needed to include a skirt, so I thought I might as well run with the purple. I'm glad the purples didn't exactly match, because then I think it would have been a bit way too much. And I think the random red shoes helped a bit. Actually, honestly, this outfit is a bit over the top for me, but was really fun to try out and put together, and even end up with something that I do like!



Another of the gems of pictures that come of being watched.


Not gonna lie. I'm really proud of this photo. 

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