Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two Skirts

Top: Target/ Skirt: Forver 21/ Yellow Skirt: Gap/ Shoes: Toms/ Belt: Thrifted 

I know what you're thinking. Really, I do. You're thinking that I'm crazy for wearing two skirts in the summer. Well, maybe I am. I'm not sure. I have reasons though. This flower skirt is not the type of skirt that I'm used to wearing. It's almost in the shape of a pencil skirt, and I usually wear skirts that are a bit fluffy. I just really like that silhouette. It's fun and casual, and while this skirt is still those things, it seems a bit more formal because of its shape. And that's not usually a big defining factor in my outfits, but with the tank and ruffles, it was too much. I needed more volume, so I put on a fluffy skirt as well. It's a little less formal. Actually, only a teeny bit, but it makes me feel better. 

My summer class ends next week (yay!) but then I have only about another week to prepare for the fall semester, so I want to make as much of these last few weeks, days, hours (sniff) as possible. Which means casual all the way. I usually wear very casual things to classes as well, but for some reason, wearing formal things makes it feel like less of a vacation to me, and I intend to enjoy what I have left as much as possible. So if that means obsessively dressing down anything remotely un-casual in my closet, so be it. 




  1. This layering looks cute - kind of like a petticoat! And I love your tassel belt! :)

  2. Im absolutely in love with that skirt and belt combo! :)


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