Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Web Wednesday: 8/28

Here are my favorite things that I've found this week:

This interesting video about model poses in real life. Although I couldn't understand what they were saying :( It was still funny. (via)

I am absolutely in awe of these posters. They each took 35 hours to make! (via)

These adorable notebooks. And everything else in that shop. (via)

An incredibly sweet proposal.

I'm totally in love with Frankie's new diary. It would make writing down assignments much more enjoyable. Saving up for it now!

The Google Art Project, which allows you to look at works of art from famous museums all over the world.

This art isn't exactly my style, but I'm seriously impressed by what this guy can do with some spray paint.

An incredible parkour motion reel video.

I'm obsessed with these pictures Life magazine took of high school students' style in 1969.

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