Friday, September 9, 2011

Color Wars

Top: UO/ Jeans: Delia's/ Shoes: Payless/ Belt: Loft

So this announcement is probably a little late, but guess what week this was! Homecoming Week! Yay! I actually really love Homecoming Week and all the crazy costumes/school spirit stuff/decorations that always come with it. It's actually one of my favorite weeks of the school year, which is probably a bit odd for someone with basically no school spirit. Winning games just doesn't mean that much to me...probably because I'm not an athlete. But anyway. I only mention this all because it's important to this outfit. They always have themes for each day, saying how to dress up and everything, but they also always have Color War days where each grade is assigned a color to wear and I guess they all try to out do each other. Or something. Anyway, my color was green, and this is the only green piece of clothing I have in my entire closet! So I wore it, of course! But most importantly, I only wore it once this week! I know it looks like I wore it twice, since I posted an outfit with it on Tuesday (an outfit from last week), but I wouldn't do that in real life. Only on the blog. Don't you guys feel lucky?



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