Sunday, October 16, 2011


Cardigan: H&M/Top: Forever 21/ Jeans: Delia's/ Shoes: UO/ Necklace: Francesca's/ Bag: Old Navy

When I bought this cardigan, it was a bit of a risk because I never wear bold colors like this, but I knew it was going to turn into one of those go-to pieces. I have a lot of dark pieces in my closet, and so I've been trying to bring more light and bright colors into it. I was right about wearing it a lot too! My favorite thing about this cardigan besides the color is the elbow pads, so for my first outfit with this cardigan, I decided to go with that black and red theme and pair it with my black and white shirt. I didn't totally keep with that black, red, and white theme, though, when it came to shoes, because I almost always prefer to have shoes that contrast with the rest of the outfit. And for some reason, this outfit has a graphic and modern, but slightly Twenties feel (mostly in the picture immediately below). Maybe it's the necklace, or that I'm reading The Great Gatsby right now, but I kinda like it. I know this'll come as a huge shock because I never say things like this all the time or anything, but this is definitely one of my favorite outfits now. So I'll probably try and repeat this color combination in some way. I'm not really sure how yet, because I don't have many other black things, but maybe I'll be able to combine it with a skirt in the future when I can wear other shoes! Fingers crossed!


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