Friday, December 16, 2011

Finish Line

Sweater: Delia's/ Sweats: Old Navy/ Shoes: Nike/ Bags: Payless/ Tank: Target

This is definitely not what I usually post or even wear to school. Normally, I never wear things this casual, but I was worried about my German exam and so decided to go for comfort. Not that jeans aren't comfortable or anything, but there's something just so comforting about sweats, isn't there? I've been on a quest for a little while to try to come up with casual, sweats-included outfits that don't feel sloppy but also have that casual/ thrown together vibe that I always admire on other people. And while trying to put together outfits like that, it's really easy for me to just automatically grab a scarf. But I feel like scarves are almost a style crutch for me, since whenever I'm not exactly sure how to fix an outfit, I'll usually wear a scarf. So I resisted the urge to do that today and went with this. I know it's not the best outfit ever, but still. 

Anyway, I'd also like to say that I've now officially gone one entire semester without repeating an outfit!! I didn't take pictures of them all for a couple reasons: some days I wasn't feeling well, sometimes I got home later and so couldn't take pictures, and sometimes I just didn't feel like they were worthy of posting. And I might be totally off (my brain's a little tired from this week), but I'm guessing that's somewhere around 70 outfits or so! Which is definitely more than I've posted, but still, I'm pretty proud of myself! There are a couple that I'll be taking pictures of this weekend that I wasn't able to post when I originally wore them because of time, and those will be coming soon! 

But for now, I'm just glad it's the weekend. 



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  1. I love this fun and casual sporty look :) I need some good sweatpants for the home too :) I just read you guys' about me page and wanted to comment one this part: "Alles" is German for "everything" and "mode" is French for "fashion." Did you know alles mode also means everything fashion in Dutch? ^^ Just a little random note! x


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