Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Guest Post: Dimestore Diamond

{Please welcome the fabulous Maggie of Dimestore Diamond! Her blog is another one that we found very early on and were even inspired by, so we're go honored to have her guest post for us!}

Tee: Old Navy

Dress: BB Dakota via ModCloth

Tights: UO

Heels: Target

Necklace: Patina

Hello! Maggie here from Dimestore Diamond! I was so excited when Blythe and Charlotte asked me to do a holiday party post! I actually wore modified version of this outfit to a party a few weeks ago (take away heels, add boots).

My favorite aspect is the natural waistline so that I can eat and drink to my heart's content at said party! It certainly beats unbuttoning pants (no one likes it when someone does that at their party!).

My second favorite aspect of the outfit is that it's festive without being blatantly holiday. You know, it doesn't scream "I've been waiting all year to wear this green and red ensemble!!!!!". I've screamed that before, but I'm on the up and up.

Thanks for checking out my holiday outfit- hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Come by and visit me at my normal haunt if you get the itch!

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