Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Charlotte: Jeans: Delia's/ Shoes: Nike/ Shirt: Old Navy/ Cardigan: Gap/ Hat and Bag: UO/ Necklace: Gift
Brother: Shirt: UO/ Jeans: Gap or H&M?/ Scarf: H&M/ Hat: H&M

...or our last few hours of it. Yesterday was our last day of winter break before school started again, and this is what my brother and I wore! We had some errands to run and last minute shopping to do, so we both went for super casual. I knew we were both wearing hats that day and when I was taking pictures, but I only just noticed that we're both wearing stripes, too! Crazy! I also just realized that last time I posted outfit pictures with my brother, I was wearing this exact same shirt. What are the odds?Also, as I was going through editing these pictures, I was kind of freaking out over how tall my brother has gotten. He's almost as tall as I am!...and then I realized how big his hat is! It's enormous, isn't it? Although, I'm hardly one to talk! 



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