Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sunshine Beginnings

Top: Anthro/ Jeans: Local store/ Shoes: Amazon/ Scarf and Coat: H&M/ Bag: Payless

I'm a big believer in first days of school and the impressions that come with them. The especially nice outfit, the brand new spirals and everything. Maybe it's just because I love the whole promise of a new beginning. But I put a little bit of extra thought into my outfit for the first day, even for the start of the second semester when I have no new teachers. It's just energizing, I've found, getting a little dressed up for the new start. Not that this outfit is anything more fancy that what I'd normally wear, but I specifically decided to wear all bright colors and a big bow to make the start of school a little more bright and happy. I really want things to go well this semester, and I've resolved to be more myself in terms of what I wear (so wearing what I want, even if I have to wear tennis shoes to school--like in this outfit. I actually wore this, minus the shoes, to school), so I think this was the perfect outfit to start things off with. And besides, I really like this outfit (and I'm super proud of these pictures--they turned out better than usual, I think! EEeeeee!), so here's to the last semester of this year!...You know, until fall. 



  1. I love the bangs and I love the sunshine-y color palette! :)

  2. Love love love this outfit!! It's not everyday you see someone in bright colors with a big bow around their neck. I'm so glad that you're being brave and wearing awesome clothes to school. Hey, maybe you'll start a trend. :)


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