Saturday, January 28, 2012


Top: Anthro/ Dress: Gift/ Shoes: Amazon/ Belt: Vintage/ Bag: Gap

As much as I think (would like to think, really), that spring is on its way, I know that's only partially true. We usually get a second cold front around this time of year, so I'm just enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. While this outfit isn't particularly winter-y or spring-y, I thought the bright orange and the beige/neutral colors of the dress would make a nice change, especially with the terrible, gray week we had. This also was an outfit I really liked when I put it on in the morning, didn't like it as much as the day went on, but fell in love with it again as I was taking pictures, which doesn't really happen often. So all in all, it was an unusual, and nice change. 


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