Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Top: UO/ Jeans: Delia's/ Shoes: Nike (please excuse the shoes. My feet really hurt that day and I couldn't manage to wear other shoes for a couple minutes like usual)/ Jacket: JC Penny

Another simple outfit! This shirt is actually my brother's (don't worry--I got permission ;), but as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to try to style it for myself. I originally planned on wearing my yellow skirt with it, but I wasn't really in the mood to wear a skirt that day, so I went with jeans. I might have to try that skirt some day, though. The guys' cut of the shirt was a bit of a challenge, I have to say. The collar was much higher than the shirts I normally wear and the sleeves didn't really fit at all, hence the jacket. Even so, I'm looking forward to styling it again, and there are even some other shirts in my little brother's closet that I've been meaning to try out as well. It should be an interesting challenge!


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  1. Oh my gosh, these photos are phenomenal, and you look wonderful!


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