Monday, February 13, 2012


Top: Forever 21/ Blue Top: UO/ Jeans: Gap/ Cardigan: American Eagle/ Shoes: Payless

I almost feel like I'm cheating with this outfit, since I've worn a similar one, but it's really just the formula that's the same, isn't it? So I decided it wouldn't break the rules to wear this. Besides, so much of what we wear are really just variations on a formula. So I officially deem it okay. 

This was also my low-key Valentine's Day outfit. I really don't like holiday outfits and today wasn't Valentine's Day, but the pink shirt has little hearts on it and it's close to Valentine's, okay? I couldn't help myself. Besides, we had a cold front come in and so my original plan of wearing my fur vest today had to be canceled when I realized it wouldn't fit under my coat. Oops. So I'll just wear that tomorrow and hopefully you'll get to see it! No promises, though, since I'll be spending Valentine's prepping for a 4-6 minute oral presentation. In Spanish. Without notes. Yeah. Romantic, right? And just a little nerve wracking, too. But I'll try to at least get pictures! Of my outfit...not the studying. 


P.S. My Valentine's Day outfit from last year. Also, Handbag Heaven put together a really great Valentine's Day guide, so if you're looking for some last minute outfit or activity inspiration, head on over here!


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