Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Simple Colors

Vest: Gift/ Jeans: Gap/ Tunic: Forever 21/ Cardigan: Gift (UO)

I say this almost every day, but this outfit feels pretty familiar. Maybe I've worn this cardigan and shirt together before, but not the combination with the vest. I was tempted to wear my tassel necklace in this outfit as well, but there's nothing wrong with a simple outfit. I think that extra color would have taken away from it a bit, actually. Black and white (and a little gray) is a pretty self-confidence boosting color combination, isn't it? It's like instant class. Or maybe that's just me rambling late at night. I'm not sure, but I do like how classic black and white is, especially when texture is added. I don't have very many pieces in any of these colors though, which is kinda disappointing, but I do love color, so I'm not sure if that's really a bad thing or not. But anyway, this is what I actually wore on Valentine's Day. Not very holiday themed, but black and white is never wrong. Right?


1 comment:

  1. Very Penny Lane from Almost Famous! Super cute! :)


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