Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Hills

Top, Jeans, and Bag: Old Navy/ Scarf: H&M/ Shoes: Payless/ Necklace: Gift

These pictures are from a while back (as are many of the pictures I still have to post), which is why the flowers and grass are so high. Even though both grow ridiculously fast now, we do cut them often! We're not slobs! But I do love the whimsy it gives Spring outfit pictures. 

Anyway, I'm a little embarrassed to say that while I was sick for so long, I started watching The Hills. Yes, the cheesy, dramatic reality show from 2006 with Lauren Conrad. And it's just as ridiculous as everyone says. But it is a little...dare I say...good? I mean, not in any kind of stimulating, interesting, or educational way, but the clothes are sometimes pretty. Okay that sounds really superficial. But sometimes it's a little nice to take a break from school and critical essays and chi squared tests and just watch something a little stupid. And Lauren and a lot of the other girls have provided me with a little bit of outfit inspiration. In fact, this outfit was put together based off of one Lauren wore (in the fourth season, maybe? I don't remember), and I actually got quite a few compliments! So there's that. . .but it's still kind of embarrassing to admit that I watch it sometimes!



  1. really nice blog please check out my blog let me know what you think...maybe follow if you fancy? :)x

  2. Another great scarf. I watched The Hills back in the day...and exactly how you said...awful but good. Ha.


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