Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All Knotted Up

Top: Aeropostale/ Dress: Second Hand shop/ Shoes: Famous Footwear (or maybe Payless)/ Bag: T.J.Maxx

In a recent post, I talked about my difficulty putting together summer-y outfits because a lot of my wardrobe is made up of dark blues and other colors like that. A lot of the outfits I put together I like, but they seem too dark for summer, and so I write them down and plan on wearing them in the fall. This dress is a bit of a challenge though. It's in colors that are fall-ish to me, but it's made of a much lighter material than my other maxi dress (which is gray, so that's not much help either). Anyway, I like to mix up the length of the dresses and skirts that I wear, so I like having the option of a maxi, but with the colors, it just felt to dark for a hot summer's day. I've shortened a long skirt before without cutting or sewing anything, but that skirt had buttons, so I wondered if I could do it again without buttons! As it turns out, I can! It's really easy, and is a nice way to change up the skirts that I have.

With my newly, un-permanently shortened skirt, the colors and print on this dress seemed much easier to style for summer. For good measure, I threw on a bright, happy, yellow shirt and accessorized with hot colors: red and magenta. And of course, another knot. You can never have too many knots! 



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