Sunday, August 28, 2011

How To: Wear a Summer Outfit in the Fall

Top and Scarf: T.J.Maxx/ Tank: Gap/ Vest: Nordstrom/ Jeans: Delias/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Okay, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here, since it's still rather hot, but it's cold enough inside to start thinking about fall/fall transition outfits. This outfit probably looks really familiar. And it should! It's practically the same outfit! But that's what the point of this post is, boys and girls. Whether you have a summer outfit that you just absolutely love (this outfit) or you're stumped for outfit inspiration and are desperately trying to get out the door so you aren't late to class (also this outfit), changing an outfit from summer to wearable in the fall is a quick fix for both. Here are my steps: 

1. Switch out any key seasonal pieces for ones that fit the current season (I mean weather seasons, not fashion seasons). For example, in the original outfit, I wore jean shorts. Perfect for summer, but not freezing cold classrooms. So I wore jeans instead!

2. Add a few fall-ish details. In this new outfit, I left the scarf long instead of tying it up and out of the way in a bow. The bow was more "summer-y" to me, especially since this scarf has lots of dark, fall colors. I also wore a red tank underneath the shirt instead of a white one. The breezy white was perfect for summer, but since I wanted to add a fall feel, I tried to include as many dark colors as I could. 

3. Lastly, add one other  seasonal key piece.  For this outfit, I added a dark, neutral vest to make the outfit darker and more earth-y/fall-ish. 

Voilá! I know I'm not the French one here (so yes, I did have to look up the correct spelling of that word), but I couldn't resist. Now you have a perfect fall transition outfit! Still with a hint of summer, but without looking like you're in full blown, back to school, I-wish-it-still-was-summer denial. 



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