Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silly and Serious

Top: Gap/ Skirt: Forever 21/ Belt: Ann Taylor Loft/ Jacket: JC Penny's/ Shoes: Toms 

When I first got this belt, I thought it'd look great with a formal dress I'd be wearing (pictures to come!!), but when something was missing from this outfit, I decided to try it out. Seems like formal sequined accessories can be toned down to go with casual outfits! Who knew? I most definitely didn't. But anyway, that's something I want to get better at--dressing things down. It's so easy for me to dress like a working adult--or substitute teacher--instead of a student (it does wonders for my nerd image). 

Anyway, I'm getting better at putting together more casual outfits, and it's actually funny how many of them come from me just being random. Like, oh, these two prints will probably clash. But hey, let's see how they look since I'm putting away my laundry! Or, I haven't worn this top in forever, lemme try it on...but I'm not gonna bother taking the one I'm wearing off. Too much effort. Hey, that actually looks kinda cute. See what I mean? Maybe I should do laundry more often. Or organize my closet again, just to see what I come up with. But I don't know. That sounds too serious. I'd rather be silly. 


The only picture I managed to get with the jacket--Sorry about the crappy photo quality. I had to use an iPod because the camera died (and the backup--seriously?!). 

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