Monday, February 20, 2012


Tank: UO/ Cardigan: Gap/ Vest: Nordstom/ Skirt: Anthro/ Shoes: Payless

Unlike my outfits have been recently, this skirt isn't what I wore to school. I originally wore this outfit with jeans to school, but throughout the day and when I got home, I liked this skirt with this top/vest/cardigan much better. I think it's a little more special and interesting, don't you? It's kinda funny that I wore jeans to school and this skirt on the blog and that's considered abnormal now. Remember when it used to be the opposite where I would wear every outfit with jeans and then put on a skirt or dress for pictures because of my shoes? I still have to wear them, but I've just stopped caring what other people think. I want to wear what I want, for crying out loud!



1 comment:

  1. Oh boy, this outfit has so many fun patterns to look at! I think they look rather awesome all together.


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