Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh No No's

Jeans: local store/ Shoes: UO/ Sweater: H&M/ Vest: Nordstrom/ Scarf: Vintage

As I was putting this post together, I realized that I combined three things I always try to avoid--pink and green, red and green, and hair bows around a ponytail/bun. They're kinda on my "oh no no" list. Well, okay, so I've done the first two before (I look so much younger in the first picture of the first link!), but it's always a bit weird to me when I do it. Pink and green often seems a little cheesy and little-girlish, and red and green reminds me of Christmas and terrible sweaters. I know these color combinations can look much different from the outfits I associate with them, but they still weird me out for some reason! But anyway, without realizing it, I included both those color combinations in this outfit. The hair bows I avoid for another reason. When I was in middle school, it was really cool to buy ribbon from craft stores and tie them around your pony tail--but they also had to be color coordinated with your outfit! I had many in pink, blue, and white, and lots of patterned ones, too! I've avoided wearing a hair bow like that since middle school ended, but I have to admit, I kinda like it again now. But don't worry, I'm not going to break out the Aeropostale logo shirts any time soon. 

P.S. Have you seen this clip?


  1. I love that you broke your own rule. It turned out for the best, this outfit rocks! I think the colors all work really well together. Of course, if it was on a Christmas sweater, I could see your upset for the combination.

    P&R is such a hilarious show! Tom is so ridiculous - that clip made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. AHAH I love Tom.
    At least your red and green is muted and so it's not screaming Christmas. I am the same way I won't wear certain colors together.


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